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Why to choose TierONE Consultants?

We are capable and efficient in picking the ‘match & fit’ candidate with making a recommendation to the customer according to customer’s needs and requirements. Thus, this is to save recruiting advertisement cost, manpower and effectively in preventing the competitors to send their commercial espionage to apply for the position.

Is the personal consultant fee costly?

Indeed the placement fee is not costly at all. We will base on the advertised position’s salary to adjust the consultant fee. It’s normally based on that position’s annually salary.  A lot of manpower is used sparingly if compared with an employer to recruit by oneself.

TierONE Consultants … Can do …

Understanding the needs of an enterprise
A thorough understanding of client, organization structure and personnel in charge of the several requirements of talent’s needs, work, culture, contents, package and the working environment, etc.

Talent recruitment
After the understanding of the needs of client, we will carry out the tasks like the selection through the huge data base, scan, interview, doing test, evaluate, recommendation and so on. Utilizing the talent data, the similar industry and people networking to search for talent extensively

Enterprise qualified personnel selection
The suitable candidates will be selected through the client test evaluation from the list of recommendation and thus to be employed as the direct staff by that company. Deeply understand the market condition, study about the organization’s needs in getting the right talent.  

Initial consultation
We are expertise of industry, operational goal and condition of the organization with an initial test on the potential candidates, then according to the work manual and the HR requirements to conduct a comprehensive and rating analysis.

Qualification verification
To verify the recommended candidates’ backgrounds and qualifications

Interview arrangement
To arrange with the selected candidates being request by the client to come forwards an interview. Provide that the candidates’ full details of resume to assist the company in the interview.

Increasing manpower flexibility and reduce welfare sharing burden
The needs are based on the special case, contract and temporary manpower requirements. Avoiding the long term manpower cost burden is to increase human capital returns and to reduce bonus distribution, allotment and other welfare expenditure. Hence, the temp staff measure is applied by most of public companies.

Saving trial cost
Probationer can be on trial lawfully and reasonably by employer, and the observation period can be extended and to reduce the cost of employing the wrong reward trial.

Addressing head count limitation control problem
When the HQ faces the head count control limitation, temp staff measure is a good solution to tackle this as it is applied mainly among many foreign-owned enterprises.

TierONE Consultants can assist you as a workplace expert to search for your ideal goal.